Job Posting: CFO for Sanguine BioSciences

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Company Description: 
Sanguine BioSciences has developed a disruptive, scalable platform for collecting bio-samples for the clinical research market. The platform enables seamless communication and operations between researchers, patients, and medical staff thereby reducing significantly the time and cost for researchers to design projects, engage and recruit patients, and perform clinical studies.  Current clients include 20 out of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies, >5,000 patients, and >40 phlebotomists in 20 cities.
The Company has multiple potential revenue opportunities including: a) building a DNA database (23andme Genentech deal), b) running aspects of Phase I, II, III clinical trials, c) providing home health services, d) and providing telemedicine services.

Job Description:
Will lead the development of financial, business, and operational plans; will work with CEO, COO, VPs of Engineering, Product, and Operations
Will support CEO on fundraising and negotiation of debt and equity instruments
Will lead the structuring and negotiation of relationships with other industry players
Will lead the development of pricing models for product / service offerings
Will supervise Controller with respect to all accounting systems and internal controls
Will support CEO, HR, and Board of Directors to develop stock option and other compensation plans
Will provide appropriate additional services as the CEO may deem necessary
Developing financial, business, and operational plans for fast-growing company
Managing all aspects of accounting and reporting systems and scaling systems to enable rapid growth 
Experience with business development, product commercialization, and contract negotiations
Familiarity with private company corporate governance, board duties, compensation plans, SOX, and competence with other regulatory duties 

Please send applications to Brian Neman, CEO

Investor and advisor Yannick Mathieu is WG'99