Wharton So Cal to re-launch website

We're beyond excited to upgrade our tech platform. The new site will be mobile responsive and offer additional features to enhance networking opportunities.

We've been working behind the scenes to bring you a great new, mobile-friendly website. All of the same bells and whistles will be available to you including:


  • Event listings
  • Event registrations
  • Discounted event for paid members
  • Alumni directory access for paid members
While the front end of our website may seem like any ole website to you, the magic behind our platform is that we've got a bunch of non-technical MBAs running 80+ events a year between LA and Orange County.

We manage event marketing, registrations, financial transactions, event check-ins....and can offer Alumni-only events. This efficient workflow gives our Wharton volunteers the ability to focus on the programming and not the back-office hassles.

So please stay tuned as we migrate in the next month or so to a fancy new website. As always, we appreciate your support and welcome your feedback!