WSC OC Entrepreneur Series :: Grant Van Cleve, C '91, W '91 - President Tech Coast Angels OC


Grant is a seasoned investor, advisor, and entrepreneur. He's lead Tech Coast Angels OC for the past 3 years and has wonderful insights on investing, developing young entrepreneurs and building businesses from the ground up. 

Date: Oct. 5, 2017, 7:30 AM

Location: Big Canyon Country Club, 1 Big Canyon Drive Newport Beach

Price: Includes breakfast and parking

  • Wharton So Cal members $33/person
  • Non members $43/person 

Speaker: Grant Van Cleve, C '91, W '91 - President Tech Coast Angels OC

Grant is a global entrepreneur, angel investor, and business accelerator.  He is involved in 51 high growth start-ups, serving as a board member or formal advisor in 18 of those.  Grant is the President of Tech Coast Angels OC - America’s most active angel group. Grant is also active in Wharton Angels and as an Expert-in-Residence at UC Irvine.

Alongside SoCal private equity, Grant is also active in real estate development locally and in Eastern Europe.  He also does impact investing via roles in clean-tech and education projects in Africa, South America and SE Asia.  A big fan of giving back, Grant pours time into catalyzing the entrepreneurial ecosystem locally and in the developing world.  He can also be found in leadership roles in his church and in local politics.

Grant was raised in California, but left to study at Penn/Wharton and then to live 19 years in Europe.  He has some amazing stories to tell about ‘nation building’ in Albania – catalytic roles in rebuilding that nation’s spiritual and commercial foundations after half a century under communism.  Along the way he added an MA in Intercultural Studies at Fuller.  Grant returned with his wife and 3 kids to Newport Beach, CA in 2010.  

For a head start on the returns and impact of Tech Coast Angels, and early-stage private equity investing in general, see recent Harvard/MITreport (or summary).