Now is the time! Two years ago in a packed room, Michael Poisel, WG '97, Director of PCI Ventures, gave an overview on what's been happening back in Philadelphia with Faculty and Staff Intellectual Property. We learned that PCI Ventures had been incubating companies and turning ideas into commercially viable technologies with great success!


With 170 company projects spun out, the University has now created a philanthropy venture fund for alums to support these initiatives. Michael will provide an overivew of PCI Ventures, the technologies that have been commercialized, and discuss how alums can get involved operationally or as investors in the companies themselves, or as a donor to the fund!

Date: postponed to January 2018 TBA
Location: Big Canyon Country Club, 1 Big Canyon Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tickets (includes breakfast and parking):   
  • Wharton So Cal Members :: $33 / person
  • Non members :: $43 / person