evan-1--2-2014 Strategic Plan for the Wharton Club of Southern California

Welcome to the Wharton Club of Southern California 2014!  We’re looking forward to an incredible year.  I first want to thank all of our volunteers and board members who have been dedicating much of their time to making the club a more rewarding and useful resource for all of us.  We have big plans for the club and 2014 is just the start of re-building the foundation. We appreciate your help and support.  As you know, the Wharton Alumni Association is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world.  As President of the SoCal Chapter, it is my responsibility to help create and manage an infrastructure that can open doors, provide business contacts, access, opportunities, and social activities for all alumni in the region.  We are attempting to fundamentally change the way alumni interact with each other and with the school focusing on our local communities (LA, the Valley, Orange County, San Diego).

We start with programming and build out from there.  Here are a few exciting events coming up:

Feb. 3rd: Small Business Seminar: Captive Insurance (San Diego)

Feb. 6th: “Take Your Seat on the Board” event

Feb. 13th:  Local Breakfast: Manhattan Beach

Feb 19th: Happy hour downtown

March 5th: Inspiring talk with Michael Milken

March 25th: “Branding in the New Normal” with Sasha Strauss

And there’s much more to come in various industry verticals.  We will also include smaller, more exclusive group sessions available only to Wharton alumni who are paid club members.  With this direction, club members have benefitted and will continue to benefit from smaller events and specialty group sessions that have a higher quality of attendee participation and greater networking value. 

The goal of the club continues to be to create value for our members through events, networking, member-to-member discounts and much more.  The more we engage, the more powerful the network.  As you may have seen, we’ve created a more active presence on social media to bring content directly to you where you want to consume it.  We’re open to suggestions, support and engagement, in whatever form you can provide.

One exciting change in 2014, is a refocusing of our membership rates.  The goal of the club is to bring us all together, and the membership fees provide a foundation from which we can do this.  The base fees are used for administrative services, operational costs, events and other member driven benefits.  With this new model, we plan on increasing member benefits and membership value, while keeping your barriers to entry minimal.  The new, lower rates for 2014 are:

One year standard membership - $120 NOW $60

One year Joseph Wharton membership - $285 NOW $200

Two year standard membership - $200 NOW $100

Two year Joseph Wharton membership - $500 NOW $375

Three year standard membership - $260 NOW $140

Three year Joseph Wharton membership - $725 NOW $525

One year Benjamin Franklin membership - $ 1,500

Join me in making 2014 the start of something great in Southern California! 

And for those of you who purchased or renewed within the last nine (9) months, we will be extending your membership at a prorated amount based on the new 2014 pricing.  This will provide you with extended benefits from the club.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or would like to get involved and help out with our events, programming or other services.

If you believe, as I do, that we should all TAKE THE CALL:

   Wharton people should buy from Wharton people,

   Wharton people should hire Wharton people, and

   Wharton people should help Wharton people.

As you have seen, our Alumni Association is more than just interesting events with phenomenal speakers. It is about access... and you have it. Access to opportunities and people; access to business leads, friendships, intellectual stimulation, and much more.

The Wharton Alumni Network is your most powerful tool for business, social, career, and intellectual growth. Use it! Take the Call!



Evan Eneman W ’99                                               

President, Wharton Club of Southern California


Calling all volunteers…

Are you interested in participating in the club in a volunteer management role?  Email us your interest and join us at our next volunteer networking event to be planned in the first quarter of 2014.

Club leadership has outlined an aggressive line-up of general and specialty invitation-only group meetings exclusive to Wharton alumni members.  Volunteers are the core of the club’s success, and we would like to open the opportunity for you to participate in the management of the club By volunteering, you will enjoy the opportunity to strengthen your Wharton network and re-connect with your peer Wharton alumni locally – in person – which of course creates stronger bonds than simply participating in on-line social networks.  Participating in the management team of the Club will also provide satisfaction of contributing to the school in a manner quite different from that of most financial donations. 

On behalf of all of the Club volunteers, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and as members of the most active and “Best” alumni club within the Wharton domestic alumni network.  Please share this new direction and letter with your Wharton alumni colleagues.