Career Success in a Hybrid and AI Driven World– Workshop II, Sun 11/12, 5pm PST

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Sunday, November 12, 2023
5:00pm— 7:00pm
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Reginald Tucker

Career Success in a Hybrid and AI Driven World– Workshop II: Accessing and Securing the Right Opportunities

Achieving Advancement, Job Satisfaction & Enhanced Earnings

Hybrid and AI  are rapidly reshaping our work worlds, job requirements, business and management practices. Not since the early internet era has it been more important to proactively manage your career and your development. This content-packed two-workshop series promises to provide early to mid-career business professionals with powerful and proven insights, strategies, and actions for achieving greater career success in a hybrid and increasingly AI-driven work world. The workshops share how to actionably manage the two most critical determinants of career success for capturing a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving job market: First, how to build a well-positioned, differentiated and impactful professional profile; Secondly, how to access and secure the right job opportunities.

The result of these proven career-building insights, strategies and actions will greatly enhance the likelihood of achieving swifter advancement, greater job satisfaction, and enhanced earnings in times of such change as opposed to becoming irrelevant.  Attendance for these workshops is limited to the first 16 registrants in order to ensure a more personalized and interactive experience. Given the prior demand for similar offerings, we encourage you to sign up early for this series of workshops.

To Register, Visit the Wharton Club of Chicago

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