E-Circle: Special Event: AI Forum: Cutting Edge Applications, Thu 4/20, 12 noon PDT

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Thursday, April 20, 2023
12:00pm— 1:30pm
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Antonio DiCristo

Special Event: AI Forum – Cutting Edge Applications

This is a followup to the January 31 AI Panel Discussion event.  Members and non-members of The Wharton Club of Southern California as well as all Wharton alumni and non-Wharton alumni of the University of Pennsylvania who are part of PennClubLA as well as those with MBAs from other top schools are cordially invited to join us for this online event.

Wharton E-Circle

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of AI and discover its potential impact. Wharton E-Circle’s latest series focusses on recent developments, trends, and challenges in this rapidly evolving field. We will learn from thought leaders and entrepreneurs, see innovative product demonstrations, and engage in rich dialogue on where the next few years will lead to, and what it means to how we work, communicate and live.

The Wharton Entrepreneurial Circle (E-Circle) is a community of over 80 Wharton Alumni and other ivy league alumni who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. The group provides resources and support for entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses, implement cutting-edge technology strategies, and raise funds. Through the E-Circle, entrepreneurs can connect with a network of experienced professionals who can help them build and grow successful start-up businesses.

Membership to the E-Circle is by invitation only. Members include company founders, VCs and Advisors.  This special event is not restricted to E Circle members. 

When: April 20th,2023 at 12:00-1:30 PM PDT

Format: Virtual, Panel discussion and break-out rooms.

Session Description:

The April 20th session will focus on cutting-edge applications for AI and showcase the latest software products from the founders of leading AI companies. Our expert panelists will demonstrate their products and discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI, including what's coming next in this rapidly evolving field.

Our panelists will highlight their unique perspectives on the future of AI and explore it’s transformative potential in areas such as healthcare, finance, education, and more. They will share their insights on the ethical and governance issues associated with AI, and topics that include the future of work in a world increasingly shaped by automation.

In addition to the demonstrations and panel discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with our panelists and each other in interactive breakout sessions, networking events, and Q&A sessions.


About the Panelists:

Adam Lee Altman

Adam is a Penn/Wharton alum, Angel Investor, and entrepreneur. Currently, he’s building Recast,

Currently, he’s the CEO/cofounder of Recast (letsrecast.ai), a venture funded product using generative AI across several disciplines: text, voice, and data embeddings. Recast enables you to actually consume and enjoy your online backlog of articles and blogs. It turns any text you care about into a short, NPR style explainer podcast using AI.


Adam ran the Product team at Automatic, a leader in connected vehicle technology that was acquired in 2017 by SiriusXM. Prior to Automatic, he did i18n at Soundcloud, founded multiple startups, was an investor at GGV Capital, and started his career at McKinsey.


In addition to being a Wharton undergrad, Adam has a UPenn degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, through which he worked on early neural nets for the Department of Defense’s counter-terrorism program.


Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota (萨冠军) is the CEO of ACSI Labs, United Nations (UN) AI Advisor, IBM Master Inventor, Professor at UC Irvine, and author of award-winning best business book of 2019, Own the A.I. Revolution. With 20+ years of business experience, he works with organizations to create their core business strategy, enter new markets, and develop next generation products/solutions powered by emerging technology. His work experience spans multiple industries including legal services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, automotive, telecommunications, media/communication, and government. Moreover, Neil is one of the few people selected for IBM's Corporate Service Corps leadership program that pairs leaders with NGOs to perform community-driven economic development projects. For his assignment, Neil lived and worked in Ningbo, China where he partnered with Chinese corporate CEOs to create a leadership development program.

In addition, Neil partners with entrepreneurs to define their products, establish their target markets, and structure their companies. He is a member of several investor groups like the Tech Coast Angels, advises venture capital funds like Miramar and CerraCap, and helped create the UN’s Innovation Factory, a global program for social impact entrepreneurs. Neil also serves as a judge in various startup competitions and mentor in several incubator/accelerator programs. 


He actively pursues social good and volunteers with nonprofits. Neil cofounded the UN's AI for Good Initiative and is actively helping them building out their ecosystem of strategic partnerships. He is currently helping the Zero Abuse Project prevent child sexual abuse as well as Planet Home to engage youth culture in sustainability initiatives. Over the last twelve years, he has served as a Board Director to several non-profit organizations such as the Inteleos and Computing for Humanity as well as corporate boards from around the world like Legalmation, Lingmo, and Shineville. 


Scott Sandland

Scott Sandland is the former world's youngest hypnotherapist and the former CEO of a mental health clinic helping at risk teens and drug addicted adolescents.  Because of his vision to help more people at scale, Scott shifted his focus and has become a multi-patent inventor in Artificial Intelligence. Now, as the CEO of a company focusing on strategic empathy and linguistic analysis, Scott uses his AI system to empower people having high value conversations.  He has been published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals and has had his work at Cyrano mentioned in the Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.  Many tens of thousands of people have used his AI software to date.


About the Hosts:

Antonio DiCristo WAM17

Antonio DiCristo is currently an investor and executive in several businesses that are predominantly focused in the block chain technology space. Antonio has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, having built and exited a company in the past.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from American International College and was invited to attend the Advanced Management Program through the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and following completion of the program was granted Wharton alumni status.  Antonio is the Co-founder of the Wharton E-Circle group and also the Co-founder of the Wharton Digital Assets Group.

In 2010 Antonio was one of the founders of Pacific Associates Limited, a strategic consulting firm with branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines. He was President of their Healthcare division for more than two years, then after negotiating the sale of the company with a Japanese Private Equity fund, he remained on board for an additional two years as President of Pacific Associates to help with the integration process post sale. 

After spending nearly 15 years in Asia, Antonio moved back to Orange County, California with his wife and daughter.


Wayne Hao WG11

Wayne Hao is a Wharton MBA with a venture capital and investment banking skillset combined with a focus on new opportunity development; 20+ years of global experience in finance, business development, and entrepreneurship.


Ajay Joshi GEX11

Ajay Joshi GEX11 is Partner at Empirical Consulting Solutions, providing management consulting to mid-market clients in the technology, healthcare, and manufacturing verticals.  He brings 20+ years in senior commercial and operations leadership roles at FTSE100 and Fortune 50 firms.  Ajay’s expertise is in revenue operations, helping teams align sales, marketing, and customer success efforts to drive sustainable results. 


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