Ring of Reciprocity Thu Apr 21 630pm-730pm PDT

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Thursday, April 21, 2022
6:30pm— 7:30pm
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Ring of Reciprocity

“The Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that applies the ‘pay-it-forward’ principle to your team or group while creating and cementing high-quality connections.” – Professor Adam Grant

The Wharton Club of Southern California invites our paid Club members to a "members only" Ring of Reciprocity exercise.  This is a great way to help our members reap the benefits of the Wharton alumni network by soliciting support and advice on a personal or professional issue.  Each Ring leverages the giving capacity of its members to help each person address their challenges.

Format:     Small group conversation with facilitator

Duration:  1 hour

Venue:      Virtual: Zoom (registrants will receive the Zoom link from the facilitator prior to the event) 

Supplies:  Virtual: Zoom; Google Sheets (or Treble Network sharing platform; information to follow if this platform will be used)

Cost:  FREE to Paid Members of The Wharton Club of Southern California.  Not a member?  Join Today!

RSVP:  Register for a FREE ticket below.  You MUST RSVP and complete the requirements below BEFORE the meeting.

How a Ring of Reciprocity exercise works:

  • A Ring of Reciprocity session can be run either in-person or virtually.
  • In advance of the session, members of the Ring are asked to brainstorm and write down their specific request for the group.
    • When hosting the ring virtually, initially we will use this Google Sheet as a template and we may use Treble for subsequent meetings. Each member of the group should enter in their contact information and request PRIOR TO THE MEETING itself.
  • Gather the group together and conduct a short icebreaker.
  • Following the icebreaker, allow each participant to spend 2 – 3 minutes discussing their help request. After they have introduced their help request, other participants may ask clarifying questions. Participants may then input their offers of help, connections, or resources.
    • For virtual Rings, these offers can be typed directly into the Google Sheet during the discussion.
  • Once the session ends, the Google Sheet will serve as the record of the virtual conversation and provide the basis for follow-up. 
  • A week after the session, the facilitator should email the Ring participants and remind them to follow through with their offers of help.

Recommendations for a Successful Ring:

  1. The smaller the better. The size of each ring is limited to a maximum of 10 people.
  2. Specific requests are better than general requests. Personal or professional requests are equally valid.

    Examples include:
     Professional: “I am trying to obtain my first board of directors position and am seeking someone with board experience to help review my resume.”
     Personal: “My partner and I are pregnant with twins, due in April. I would love to be connected with someone who has had twins and can offer advice.”
     Club: “I would like speaker recommendations for an event our club hopes to run in May on Bitcoin and digital assets.”

    Note: The more specific the request, the better! Rather than saying “Our club needs help attracting young alumni,” try “I would like an idea for an event that has been successful for your club in attracting young alumni.”

  3. Every member of the Ring is encouraged to be mentally present and clear away any distractions. Since the session is being conducted virtually, participants are asked to turn on their cameras and close out of all other programs.
  4. Follow-up is key.
  5. The role of the facilitator is to
    1. Create a comfortable and informal ambiance
    2. Keep people on track
    3. Serve as timekeeper
    4. Encourage follow-up

Additional Resources and Suggested reading:

Wharton Reciprocity Wednesdays, Wharton Club of Chicago

Ring of Reciprocity Event, Wharton Club of Dallas-Fort Worth

Chapter 1, Give and Take, Adam Grant

All You Have to Do Is Ask, Wayne Baker


Host for the Ring of Reciprocity:  

Profile photo of Aaron Gutsu

Aaron Gutsu WG18

Aaron Gutsu recently relocated to Orange, California from Dallas Fort-Worth where he led Ring of Reciprocity events for The Wharton Club of Dallas/Fort Worth.  He is an experienced Sales and Marketing professional with a demonstrated history of innovation and revenue growth. Aaron is skilled in Negotiation, Team Building, Leadership, and Strategic Brand Development & Management.  He is an MBA recipient from The Wharton School with a double major in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  


Co-Host for the Ring of Reciprocity:

Profile photo of Dare Rosebery

Dare Rosebery W'90

Dare Rosebery has devoted her life to the success of others - people and organizations in the US and Europe - for more than 25 years.  Galvanized by the vision of people self-developing who they are first and thus inspiring others to transform, Dare joined People Programs Group in 2015.  PPG designs and leads programs for executives and organizations that get beyond learning about leadership to producing leaders who can realize success that is predictable, repeatable, consistent, and sustaining.

To nurture a better tomorrow, Dare leads pro bono Transformational Planning Intensives for non-profit organizations and helps Alumni connect and build meaningful relationships.  When you become a better leader of yourself, you can be a better leader for others - family, team, organizations.  Transforming key things about who we are and removing limitations will prepare us to be more effective with others.  People and organizations typically invest in knowledge (How) or skills/talents (What) but miss the key to achieving the results they desire by not investing the time to nurture and develop the person – the Who (Why).

Dare Rosebery is available for inspiring speaking engagements for your company, group or organization.


TrebleNetwork Resource for the Ring of Reciprocity:

Profile photo of David Gertler

David Gertler WG98

David Gertler is a technology executive in the DC Metro area.  He has successfully turned-around underperforming businesses, grown technology companies, launched products and services into new markets and improved operations in several industries.  David has also raised capital, evaluated M&A transactions, and advised CEO's and CFO's on multiple transactions.   He has expertise in CyberSecurity, Software, SaaS, Operations, Sales, Services, DoD/Intelligence, Data Security and Defense.  His tagline is "From strategy, through execution, to results".


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