Wharton Cross Club Networking Ring of Reciprocity, Thu 8/31, 5pm PDT

Date and Time
Thursday, August 31, 2023
5:00pm— 6:00pm
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Aaron Gutsu

Mini Pecha Kucha Event 

This August, the Wharton Cross Club Networking Group will be hosting our second reciprocity Zoom event entitled: “Mini Pecha Kucha”.

A Pecha Kucha (Japanese for “chit chat”) is typically a live event themed around a particular topic where speakers present 20 slides x 20 seconds (6mins 40 secs total).

For this “Mini Pecha Kucha” event we’ll be abbreviating the time frame to 6 slides x 20 seconds (100 seconds total). The theme will be: "About Me / Personal Interests." Attendees are encouraged to share anything they’re interested in or passionate about, including a bio, hobby, noble cause, favorite author/artist, etc.

Please send your 6 slides to [email protected]. (A master deck of all presentations will be compiled for the call.)

July’s Cross Club Networking Zoom Event had 30+ attendees. Thus, for the Mini Pecha Kucha event this August the first 15 individuals to submit slides will be presenting. (However, non-presenting attendees are welcome to join the conversation!)

As with other past reciprocity events, this is a great opportunity to expand your Wharton network while supporting and helping one another.

Call Outline:

10 minutes: Welcome / Host Intros / Pecha Kucha Overview / Success Stories

30 minutes: 15 Mini Pecha Kucha Presentations

15 minutes: Q&A / group conversation

5 minutes: Closing, commercial for September Cross Club Networking Zoom event

For registration and Zoom information please see the Wharton Club of the National Capital Website

Cost:  Free, to members and non-members

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